He was a member of Tangerine Dream in 1969 and helped to create their first official album release, Electronic Meditation. Scopece, Alessandro (Italy) Any Time (1991) Fox Hunting (1993) While It's Raining (1994) Breath of the Universe (1998) Into Your Dreams (2007) This musician started out in early Jarre vein, veering towards new age on later works. A mixture of electronics, guitar and drums. Shaw, Matthew (UK) Shottsford Forum (2010) (with Dead Wood) The Four Zoas (2010) Matherell (2010) Lanreath (2011) In the Morning Sun (2011) Goetheanum (2011) Seatown (2012) (Venus) Libra (The Bridge) (2012) (S) There Was Never A Time When Your Life Was Not Now, Nor Will. See also: Atrium Carceri Saboten, The (Japan) Beyond the Blue Heaven (2003) The Saboten was formed in the 1990's by Hoppy Kamiyama as an experimental indie rock collective. Smith, Al (USA) Clock Works (1978) Very rare record pressed on acetate (lacquer) disc. Savvaidis, Ioannis (Greece) NSA Trusted Networks (2016) (S) Rich analog sounds, some techno-influenced, some strictly cosmic. See also: AT-Mooss, Cosmic. Well, if Bruce Springsteen in his over-the-top mode decided to make synth music in the 1970's, he would probably sound just like that. Library album with extremely warm melodic electronic themes in French style. There's some usual library cheese but some moments are very proggy. Jacki Liebezeit from Can plays drums on this album. While the first side is still pretty typical psych / early prog songs, the second side features only experimental instrumental compositions.

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Encyclopedia of Electronic Music - S - Pugachov Usaf Serial Number Search Results - RCN DC Metro Eisenbahn im Film - Rail Movies: Tabelle Mmfm Sex, puff, bingen - Selbstbefriedigung Studieren an der UR Infos für Studieninteressierte Suchergebnisse - Der Stellenmarkt von viele exklusive Jobs Stellenangebote aus der Region München und dem gesamten Bundesgebiet. Safred, Gianni (Italy) Electronic Designs (1977) Futuribile - The Life To Come (1978) Gianni Safred Alle Tastiere (1979) (S) This electronic / jazz / disco record (Futuribile) was released on Italian Music Scene library label and later re-released by Folkways. Bugün ilk defa düzenli beslenme, hareket, spor. Ile gerçekleebileceini kefettiim olay! Halle dating site - free online dating in, halle (Sachsen Pressespiegel Daisy Berkowitz gestorben Kristara Barrington - Hot Asian milf Dicke frauen ab 50 in den arsch ficken gratis porno dicke Geiles Ehepaar wartet gar nicht mehr bis sie zuhause sind Three Girls Strap On Party with big dildo Aman yarabbim ben bugüne kadar bunu neden hiç dünemedim, neden bilmedim? Oysa ben 28 senedir makreme örerek kilo vermeye çalyordum! Bir ara kattan gemi yapp yüzdürerek kilo vermeyi de denemitim ama o da ie yaramadyd. Dur ben u düzgün beslenme olayn.

other jazz structures, approximating his style to certain works by Jon Hassell. Schwarz (Spain) Nación Subterránea (2016) Krautrock band from Murcia. Shackleton (UK) Drawbar Organ. The latter recorded an album with Schneider called Shadow Documents that marries quirky electronics of the Dusseldorf School (a bit similar to solo Moebius ) with African percussive rhythms and was inspired by the duo's trip to Kenya. Yes, we're talking an electronic pioneer from Niger here, of all places. See also: Moljebka Pulse Skarpseian (Russia) Skygge Slottet (2013) Tan Gil (2014) Fragmenter av Trolldom (2016) Dungeon synth project from Moscow. Sblendorio, Andrew (USA) Alive At the Macartovin (2015).04 April (2016) (S) Hydrangea Style (2016) Diverse experimental artist. Slomo (UK) The Creep (2005) The Bog (2008) The Grain (2012) Transits (2017) Super-Individual: Collective Ritual (2018) Synth / guitar duo with a droning ambient sound.

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After performing in several groups he formed his own project called Mogollar that was fairly popular in Turkish clubs. His recorded work usually can be characterized by using one word: experimental. With this rig, he would play tracks from glory hole frankfurt sex in bingen one recorder or mix the output of several cassettes. A solo minimal synth record followed in 1983 and then a highly experimental album in 1986. Sequential Dreams deutsche pronos parkplatz sex a1 (Canada) The Exodus Wave (2017) The Infinite Divide (2017) High Voltage (2017) (with Bernhard Beibl) Metamorphic Waves (2017) Berlin School -influenced artist from Quebec, also known as Kuutana as well as under several other pseudonyms. Saint-Preux plays synthesizers backed by a rock group, including Bernard Paganotti ( Magma ) on bass. Seismic Wave Factory (Czech Republic) Morbid Symphony. Interim Report From Worm Boundary Five (2017). Seven Fields of Aphelion, The (USA) Periphery (2010) Keep the Ocean Inside (2017) Solo ambient music from Maureen Boyle, keyboardist of psychedelic pop band Black Moth Super Rainbow. There is an earlier album by Al Smith, also on acetate, called Up All Night. Pascal Savy is a French artist currently residing in London. See also: Egelie, Joost Sensum Clunch (USA) Sensum Clunch (2014) Experimental and minimal, but very listenable modular synth constructions. There are also some ambient works that I will try to list here. Scattered Purgatory (Taiwan) /Sua-Hiam-Zun (2017) Folky drone band from Taiwan. Sieghetnar (Germany) Astralwinter (2013) Zen (2015) Epica (2015) This project is dedicated to both black metal and more ambient forms of musical expression. Gerard Kouame Sereba has been living in Norway since 1983. Schneider., Richard (Germany) Dreamlike Land (1977) Fata Morgana (1980) This one puzzles. Mostly ambient, but sometimes with sequences / arpeggios and at times processed vocals and a " Vangelis in space" feel. The second side of this debut album is occupied by a long "Sunrise" suite, parts of which are dominated by synthesizer and are pure.

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Sauer, Rainer (Germany) Elektromusik I (1977) Last Chance To Survive (1978) Elektromusik II (1979) Android (1980) Solitaire (1985) Music Inspired. Shamall (Germany) My Dream (1986) (maxi) Feeling Like A Stranger (1987) (maxi) Journey To A Nightmare (1989) Moments of Illusion (1990) Mirror To Eternity (1993) Collector's Items (1993) In Search of Precision (1994) This Island Earth (1997) Influences (1998) The Book of Genesis (2001) Who. Severin, Steven (UK) Visions (1998) Maldoror (1999) Woman In the Dunes (2000) Unisexdreamsalon (2001) Beauty The Beast (2005) (with Arban) (soundtrack) Nature Morte (2006) (with Arban) (soundtrack) London Voodoo (2006) (soundtrack) Music For Silents (2009) Eros Plus Massacre (2009) Blood of A Poet (2010) Codex. Time Waves is 50 rather boring slow melodic songs, and 50 quite exciting upbeat stuff with smooth sequencing. Scheich in China (Germany) Scheich in China (2014) Scheich in China (2015) Schecih in China (2016) 014 (2016) Scheich In China (2016) (S) IV (2016) Tape (2017) Hamburg-based project in Experimental vein. 2 (2012) Alan Turing (2012) Aldebaran (2013) The Ritual Vol. Segura, Javier (Spain) Nostalgia de lo Humano (1986) Lamento Bereber (1989) El Sol Desde Oriente (Selected Unreleased Recordings ) (2017) Javier Segura started his career already in the 1970's. 1 (1998) Morbid Symphony. Slagle, Matt (USA) An Explanation of the Past (2002) The Boundaries of Infinite Complexity (2006) Clarity Through Madness (2008) Ultraterrestrial Intervention (2011) Varied soundscapes. Apart from Secret Stairways, Matthew also played in a couple of metal bands. Especially of interest is the long title track with its Tangerine Dream -y sequencer pulse which could be an outtake from one of their soundtracks. Origin And Echo is heavy on the synths which are combined with David's chromatic percussion for a nice, hypnotic, repetitive sound.

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Throughout his career, Klaus Schulze has collaborated with many noted EM and non-EM musicians, including, but not limited to Harald Grosskopf, Andreas Grosser, Rainer Bloss, Michael Shrieve, Pete Namlook, Jorg Schaaf. Con was re-released as Ballet Statique. Not that I didn't enjoy it, though, just the contrary. Now that my rant is over, here's some brief biographical data: Klaus Schulze was born in 1947 in Berlin. Anyway, the music is classic Japanese Sympho but "Freeze" is a nice (albeit short) purely electronic track that reminds on both Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd 's electronic pulses on "Welcome To the Machine". Sing (Japan) Siki (2018) Diffraction (2018) Also known as Sing-ieguti.

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Silvester alleine lundeck He took a more electronic route, with almost everything done on synths. I think it may generate a certain interest from fans of Space Music and Ambient. Sante (USA) Voyager (1984) Into Light (1999) Paramythos (2000) Immaculate Conceptions (2001) Inner Beauty (2001) Coffee Culture (2005) Luminescence (2016) In Your Eyes (2017) Space Music by Stephanie Sante. Nice, melodic, accessible sound with no beats to speak of for the most part. Lately, Henri Seroka plunged with both feet into the world of relaxing new age / background music and classical composition.
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