2016.04.16 Germany Essen 0 3 isis-inspired teens bomb a Sikh wedding. 2005.11.07 France Paris 1 0 A 61-year-old retiree is beaten to death by Muslim youth for trying to extinguish a fire that they started. One has his throat slit and eyes gouged while a 53-year old mother is stabbed 27 times in the neck and chest. 2012.07.18 Bulgaria Burgas 7 30 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates on a bus carrying Israeli tourists, killing seven and injuring dozens more. 2017.05.11 England Leeds 1 0 A young mother is honor killed by her Muslim family after 'reverting' to Western-style clothing. 2003.11.19 France Paris 2 0 Two Jewish men are brutally murdered by Muslims in separate attacks in Paris. 2018.03.23 France Carcassonne 4 15 A fervent Muslim migrant yelling praises to Allah guns down a winemaker, bricklayer, butcher and police officer who offered his life in exchange for other hostages. 2004.10.19 France Marseilles 1 0 A 23-year-old woman is stoned to death by two Muslim males. 2012.06.22 France Rennes 1 0 A 16-year-old is violently killed by a Muslim classmate in what is regarded as a 'racist' attack. 2018 TripAdvisor LLC All rights reserved. 2017.06.18 France Lot-et-Garonne 0 1 A young Jihadi nearly stabs a French farmer to death while yelling praises to Allah. 2014.09.30 Georgia Pankisi Gorge 0 1 A woman is stabbed in the breast by her fundamentalist brother for not wearing a hijab. 2011.01.28 Russia Chegemskiy 1 1 A government administrator is murdered by militant Muslims.

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2017.08.17 Spain Barcelona 14 130 A Muslim driver mows down over a hundred pedestrians along a venue, killing fourteen, including a 3-year-old and his mother. The victims included children and at least one pregnant woman. 2008.12.14 England West Yorkshire 0 1 A Muslim youth brutally stabs a 51-year-old at random after telling him that he is walking through an area of Britain that 'Muslims rule.' 2008.11.26 Russia Vladikavkaz 1 0 A mayor is assassinated by local terrorists, who call him. 2002.10.26 Russia Moscow 129 150 Chechen Muslims storm a theater and hold 916 people hostage in appalling conditions. 2012.04.12 Macedonia Smilkovsko 5 0 Five young Christian fishermen between the ages of 18 and 22 are brutally slaughtered by a group of radical Muslims at a lake. 2007.04.18 Turkey Malatya 3 3 Three Christians working at a Bible distribution company are brutally tortured and murdered by local Islamists. 2016.08.17 Russia Balashika 1 1 Islamic State members murder a traffic cop. 2015.05.10 Macedonia Kumanovo 8 37 Muslim terrorists wage a running battle with police, killing at least eight. 2015.08.21 France Paris 0 3 A Muslim trained by isis opens fire with a Kalashnikov on a train before being subdued by unarmed American passengers. 2005.07.21 England London 0 1 Islamists attempt four bombing attacks on London subways. 2013.10.28 England Essex 1 0 A prostitute is killed by a devout Muslim for working too close to his mosque. 2013.10.12 Scotland Stirling 1 0 A Muslim burns his 'too Westernized' wife to death after asserting that Islam teaches a man's superiority over women. A man yelling praises to Allah plows his car into a crowd. The atmosphere is amazing.

Top, oberhausen Bars Clubs: See reviews and photos of bars clubs in, oberhausen, Germany on, tripAdvisor. Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany - Bootshaus - Die Kneipe mit Kanal, Täglich, Zum Uerige-Treff, Three Sixty, Promenade am Centro, Louisiana, Alt. Sparrer - Back To The Clubs Tour 2018 Last year we released our first studio album for 10 years. Burgerista, Oberhausen - Centroallee 1000 - Restaurant BAR, stool preachers - Live 2018 Restaurant Bosporus Ocakbasi, oberhausen, Germany 11 Things NOT to Do in Germany - Destination Tips To celebrate the release of forever we decided to do a small run of club shows in the. Reserve a table at Burgerista, Oberhausen on, tripAdvisor : See 54 unbiased reviews of Burgerista, rated 4 of 5 on, tripAdvisor and ranked #11 of 191 restaurants. THE, bAR, stool preachers - Live 2018.

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Bestellung jetzt abschließen, tickets zu Cock Sparrer - Back To The Clubs Tour Hannover. 2008.11.06 Russia Vladikavkaz 11 40 A female suicide bomber strikes at a marketplace bus stop, murdering at least eleven passengers. There are some honor killings on the list, which may not fit the strict definition of a terror attack. 2012.10.23 Russia North Ossetia 1 3 A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out a local cop. 2012.03.12 Belgium Anderlecht 1 1 A Sunni firebombs a Shiite mosque, killing the imam. 2007.12.05 Russia Stary Cherek 1 0 A police officer is gunned down by Muslim militants. 2016.05.20 England London 0 4 A Turkish man yelling about Lee Rigby stabs four women in a parking lot on the third anniversary. 2005.06.12 Russia Uzunova 0 15 Fifteen people are injured when a bomb believed to be planted by Chechen terrorists derails a commuter train 2005.04.23 England Southall 1 0 A woman is brutally stabbed to death by her brother and cousin after refusing an arranged marriage. 2014.12.21 France Dijon 0 13 A convert to Islam praises Allah as he runs down pedestrians with his car 'for the children of Palestine'. 2016.12.29 Austria Voecklamarkt 0 1 An Austrian woman is stabbed for reading the Bible at a refugee center. 2017.08.25 England London 0 3 A man shouting 'Allah Akbar' drives his car into a group of police and slashes at them with a sword. 2016.10.16 Germany Hamburg 1 1 Two German teens are stabbed by a 'radicalized' Muslim while sitting below a bridge. 2016.08.19 France Strasbourg 0 1 A rabbi in orthodox clothing is stabbed by a man shouting praises to Allah.

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Anderm / m 1 of 11, next. 2016.01.11 France Marseille 0 1 A Jewish teacher is attacked with a machete 'in the name of Allah.' 2016.01.01 France Valence 0 2 Two other people are injured when a Muslim deliberately rams French guards outside a mosque. 2012.12.25 Russia Nalchik 1 0 Suspected Islamists shoot a non-Muslim twice in the head. 2014.05.17 England Accrington 0 1 A political candidate is stabbed in the face by a Muslim calling him an 'infidel'. 2011.01.11 Russia Kenzh 1 0 A folk healer is killed in his home by suspected Islamic fundamentalists.

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Das erste mal geleckt werden ng escort This list includes Russia and Georgia, but NOT Muslim countries such as Albania and Kosovo (with the exception of Turkey, even though it is not necessarily a part of Europe). 2015.09.17 Germany Berlin 0 1 An Islamic extremist stabs a policewoman in the neck.
Sex treffen lustenau 2016 bellinzona 2013.04.23 France Paris 0 2 An Iranian national attacks a Jewish father and son along a city street. 2001.09.21 England Peterborough 1 0 A 17-year-old man is stabbed to death by Muslims in a 'racially-motivated' attack. 2004.08.31 Russia Moscow 11 51 A female suicide bomber kills eleven rush-hour commuters at a subway station in Moscow. 2011.08.26 Norway Jaeren 0 1 A Christian convert from Islam is scalded with boiling water and acid at a refugee center. 2017.01.01 Turkey Istanbul 39 69 A man screaming praises to Allah guns down thirty-nine celebrants at a New Year's Eve party at a nightclub.